Lgwsteel Advertising Service Contract
Party A (advertisers):________________
Party B (Lgsteel): Shanghai Lgsteel Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

Party A and Party B shall sign the contract in accordance with the advertisement law of the people's Republic of China and the relevant provisions of the State Council, and abide by the relevant provisions of the State Council. Strict implementation of the contract and the implementation of the regulations and the implementation of the provisions of the contract law and the relevant provisions of the contract law.
1、Party A entrusts Party B to release website advertising in lgwsteel network , the advertising business reached the following items:
1. Web advertising site: Party B (www.lgsteel.com/www.lgwsteel.com).
2. Network advertising position:Selection of advertising location of Party B site .
3. Network advertising: __________ pixel size.
4. The form of network advertising: __________.
5. Network advertising time: from________to ________.
2、Advertisement sample
□Party A shall provide.
□Party B can provide Party A free of charge for the simple design and production. If Party A has special design and production requirements, it can be agreed upon by the two sides, all production costs borne by the party A.
3、The rights and obligations of Party A and Party B:
1.Party A shall appoint a person to be responsible for Party A's full authority to be responsible for the work of the advertisement of the network.
2.Party A shall provide Party B with relevant background information and data within 3 days from the effective date of the contract.
3.Party A shall pay Party B the full amount of the contract within 3 days from the date of entry into force of the contract.
4.Party B shall submit to Party A within 2 days from the date of receipt of the money.
5.Party B shall ormally issue online advertising on the net upon the consent of Party A.
6.During the production of advertising, the delays were postponed accordingly according to the specific circumstances.
7.During the period of advertising, such as Party A's responsibility to cause the advertisement to terminate by Party A to bear the responsibility; if Party B responsibility caused by advertising to terminate by Party B to bear the responsibility.
8.Party B shall have the right to examine the contents and forms of advertising, and Party B may request the Party A to make modifications to the advertisement content and expression form that does not conform to the laws and regulations.
9.Party B shall have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract if Party A fails to receive the advertisement fee.
4、Liability exemption
1.Due to war, natural disasters, such as the server can not be normal operation.
2.Party B can not open the server because of the government's administrative actions.
3.Due to the Internet disaster, China, the United States and other Internet communications provider causes Party B can not normally access the serve.
4.Due to Party B's operating platform and application software, the temporary operation of the server is not normal.
5.Due to the site of the Party B illegal attacks led to the temporary operation of the server can not be normal.
6.Due to the responsibility of the party A responsible for advertising production process interrupted or delayed.
Party B shall maintain Party A's advertisement information within the time limit of the contract, if the Party B's website is not working properly based on the above reasons, Party B shall not be liable for any legal or other means. If it is affected by virus or Party B, Party B can extend the advertisement period of Party A for free.
5、Fee settlement:
1.The network advertising fees as shown in the chart:
The domestic edition
Top of home page
1 year
JPG format
Processing interface
1 year
JPG format
Logistics interface
1 year
JPG format
Supplier interface
1 year
JPG format
Foreign trade edition
Top of home page
1 year
JPG format
Home couplet
1 year
JPG format
Home products
1 year
JPG format
Supplier interface
1 year
JPG format

2.Party A shall pay the full amount of the contract from the date of entry into force of the contract within 3 days.
6、Other terms:
1. Both parties can discuss to extend this contract before 15 days from the expiration of the contract. Under the same conditions, Party A has the right of priority. Party A fails to renew the contract expires, Party A shall no longer enjoy the right of priority, the advertising location will not keep.
2. Any disputes arising due to the service contract, the parties shall be settled through friendly consultations. If the negotiations failed, the two sides agreed to the signing of the contract to the people's court. The prescription for the prosecution of a party shall be six months from the date of the occurrence of the dispute.
3. The validity, interpretation, execution and settlement of the contract shall apply to the laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China, and the standards of the computer and Internet industry. The terms of the contract are inconsistent with the relevant laws and regulations, the provisions are invalid, but do not affect the validity of other provisions of the law.
4. This contract not completely matters concerned coordinate by both sides solve.
7、This contract is made in two copies, which shall come into force by the date of signature and seal by both parties. Both parties have the same legal effect as the contract attachment and contract text.
Party A (seal): : Party B (seal): :
Responsible person (signature):________ Responsible person (signature):________
_________ _____ ____ day month year _________ _____ ____ day month year
Signed at: ______________ Signed at: ______________