Legang Steel website user registration agreement
This agreement is between you (‘user’) and LG steel website owner(www.lgsteel.com). Please carefully read our registration agreements before you register. After you click‘agree and submit’button, this agreement will be the legal document for both user and the website owner. LG Steel has the right to amend the terms of agreements. You are responsible to know and read the newest agreements and website notice.
1. Our Service
1.1 We provide you information service through internet. You have to totally agree our agreements and complete all the registration process before using our related service on our website. 1.2 You need to prepare the following equipment and costs.(1)website device, including computer, internet terminal, and other necessary Internet equipment. (2) Internet spending, including connecting fees, equipment lease charges, and mobile traffic fees.
2. User Management
2.1 LG Steel is only open to full capacity for civil conduct, nomocracy, the surviving corporation, etc. You need to possess all the terms listed above.
2.2 You should honestly provide all the registration information and make sure its sincerity, accuracy, integrity, and legitimacy. You should update your registration information in time.
2.3 We will strictly keep your private information such as real name/title, mail address, email, etc safe.
2.4 After registration successfully, you will receive your account information like username and password. You can change your password according to our related regulations. Please save your username and password carefully.
2.5 You are not allowed to let any other people use your username and password, otherwise you will bear all the liability and joint liability generated with real user.
2.6 You have to agree and accept that LG Steel has the right to send order information and sales promotion to you and your consignee through email, text message, phone calls, etc.
3. Commodity Information
3.1 All the commercial information such as commodity price, quantity, stock situation is possible to change and we are not responsible to especially notify users. Because of such objective factor as internet technology, the information displayed on our website may be delayed or false. We hope you are fully known and understanding. If you discover any commodity information mistake or have concerns, please contact us in first time and do not submit order.
3.2 Besides special version, the commodity price listed on our website is the original price including added-value tax. You need to pay deliver fees and process cost separately.
4. Order Operation Procedure
4.1 Browse and search product information, check product category, name, grade, mill, and fill out product standard, executive standard, and remarks. After affirming validity of the information you entered, click “add to shopping cart”. Click “shopping cart” and submit your order to go to “order information” interface, and then enter detailed order information, click “detailed information”.
4.2 You order will be disposed by our website in time, and you can also click ‘order inquiry’ to enter inquiry surface. After making sure all the order information is correct, click ‘confirm order’.
4.3 After confirming your order, click ‘order inquiry’ to go to my order surface, click ‘contract to view’ to confirm all the content on the contract and then send back to our website after printing and stamping.
5. Limitation of liability and no guarantee principles
5.1 All the information published on our website such as content, material, product, and service is based on current and in stock situation.
5.2 LG Steel won’t express or imply any statement or guarantee regards to information, content, material, product, and service.
5.3 LG Steel website does not guarantee all the information, content, material, product, and service from our website or any other channels sending to you having no virus and other harm ingredient.
5.4 As a result of force majeure or other uncontrollable causes, system crash could happen, online transaction could not be completed, or related information and records could be lost. LG Steel website will reasonably assist in dealing with the aftermath.
6. Application of law and regulation
This agreement is applicable to Chinese law. Any argument generated will be administrated by Shanghai City Baoshan District court.
7. Others
7.1 Please focus on reading agreement content remarked in blackbody or over striking.
7.2 After you click‘agree and submit’button on top of the agreement, you are deemed that you totally accept this agreement, so please reconfirm you fully know and understand all the agreement content before clicking the button.
7.3 After you successfully register, LG Steel will advertise for you for free.