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Hot Rolled Deformed Bars
Publication Date: 2018-04-25
Grade: ASTM A706 GRADE 60
Weight : 3000
Specification: 19mm/25mm*12m

One of our company’s major clients is the locally famous state-owned company from Pakistan. At present, we have successfully completed a large order of 3,000 tons of hot rolled deformed bars. Before that, the customers visited our company and talked with us about the details of the specific transaction orders: including product technical parameters, international trade transportation terms and price negotiations, etc. Through our sincere and face-to-face communication , we have established a trusting foundation for cooperation. Even in the face of rising domestic steel market prices, we successfully complete a 3,000 tons trading order. Thanks to the cooperation basis of the first large order, the customer sent a new inquiry of PSM to us soon. The customer stated that there is also a batch of 4,000 tons of hot rolled deformed bars with the same material and specifications in the procurement plan, and they will come to China again to negotiate purchasing cooperation plans with us.

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